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The Association’s History

by Robin H Rodger

The Art Association for the City and County of Perth was formed on 9 November 1912 with the 17th Earl of Moray appointed its first President. Robert Hay Robertson, a wine merchant and grocer and one of Perth’s greatest, if unassuming, benefactors, was appointed Chairman of the Management Committee.

The Association’s first Exhibition of Works of Art was held in the Picture Gallery of the Sandeman Public Library, opening on 22 December 1913 and running until 31 January 1914. The outbreak of the First World War in the summer of 1914 interrupted the Association’s activities and a second exhibition did not take place until 1920. Further exhibitions were held sporadically until 1931.

In 1930 and again in 1935 motions to wind-up the Association were unanimously defeated. Nonetheless the Association appears to have ceased to operate at some point between 1936 and the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, or shortly thereafter.

In late 1951 at the instigation of William Davidson, the recently appointed Curator of Perth Art Gallery and Museum, an exhibition of Works by Perthshire Artists was proposed to be held in the Art Gallery. At the close of the exhibition in February 1952 a meeting of interested persons was held which culminated in the Perthshire Art Association being reconstituted. Lieut. Col. Charles George Borrowman RSW was elected the first President and served until his death in 1956.

Since 1952, the Association has leased rooms at a variety of venues in Perth from the local authority. These have included Fechney Buildings, The Old Perth Academy in Rose Terrace, Pitheavlis Castle, The Fair Maid’s House and latterly Oakbank Community Centre.

In 1990 Honorary Member and Past President of the Association the late Mr Walter R McNiven wrote the booklet A Short History of the Perthshire Art Association (1912 – 1990). Further details of the Association are also recorded in A Century of Art 1912-2012 compiled and published by the Association in 2012 to mark the Centenary of the founding of the original Association.

The Original Perthshire Art Association (1912-c.35)

The opening on 22 October 1898 of the Sandeman Public Library in Kinnoull Street provided Perth with its first purpose built Art Gallery. This room was situated on the top floor and was described in the following terms in the local press shortly before it was opened;

“THE PICTURE GALLERY. The remaining apartment is the picture gallery which occupies most of the space on the top floor. It is 52 feet by 35. Primarily designed to suit the exhibition of pictures, the lighting arrangements and colouring are subordinated to this object. The walls are painted vermilion — generally thought to be the best colour to set off the merits of a picture. The picture space is 14 feet of the two side walls, and the plan of the late Mr Orchar, Broughty Ferry, has been adopted in giving the face of the wall a curve, from which the pictures may hang at right angles to the eye of the observer, this being the third occasion in which this device has been employed in Scotland. A large part of the ceiling is taken up with a dome, from which will come the major part of the light, thus preventing shadows which might prejudice the view. The rest of the ceiling is panelled, with heavy beams between. The gallery should in every respect prove an admirable adjunct to the Library, and excellently suited to the purpose in view.”

The Gallery was hung with a major Loan Exhibition of Old Master and Victorian Paintings for its official opening by Lord Rosebery. It subsequently housed the paintings which had been acquired by Perth Town Council and played host to a range of exhibitions. Some of these were hired from the South Kensington Museum (Victoria and Albert) as part of a scheme to circulate copies of famous artefacts around the country. Others were generated locally.

In 1903-04 the Perth Arts & Crafts Exhibition was staged. This was the largest and most ambitious exhibition undertaken to date. The driving force behind it was Dr Urquhart, Chief Medical superintendant at Murray Royal Hospital. Dr Urquhart was to become one of the original members of the Association nearly a decade later.

In 1911 an exhibition of the work of Perth and Perthshire Artists was mounted and from this the idea of forming a local Art Association was generated. In October 1912 the Perthshire Art Association was founded and the following year it held its First Annual Exhibition in the Picture Gallery of the Sandeman Public Library. Its activities were interrupted by the First World War although the majority of its members were too old to serve, and its next exhibition did not take place until 1920.

The Association lobbied for a dedicated Art Gallery for the City and it was two of its members, Robert Brough (silk merchant) and Robert Hay Robertson (grocer wine and provision merchant) who subsequently bequeathed both the capital and the nucleus art collections to Perth Town Council which resulted in the erection of the present Perth Art Gallery and Museum building in George Street.

A meeting of the Association held in the new Art Gallery and Museum in 1935 (shortly after it was officially opened by the Duke and Duchess of York on 10 August that year) defeated a motion proposed by David Prophet Ramsay that it be disbanded. In 1937-38 an exhibition of the work of Perth and Perthshire Artists both living and dead was mounted in the Art Gallery.

At some point between 1936 and 1940, when the Art Gallery and Museum was closed to the public and taken over as headquarters of the Perth Civil Defence, the original Perthshire Art Association was disbanded.

Perth Fine Art Exhibition

Year Venue Opener
1911   (22 Dec-13 Jan 1912) Sandeman   Public Library Rt   Hon 17th Earl of Moray

The Perthshire Art Association Annual Exhibitions

Year Venue Guest Opener
1913   (20 Dec- 31 Jan 1914) Sandeman   Public Library Rt   Hon 17th Earl of Moray
1914-19 No exhibitions held due to   First World War
1920   (5 Mar-?) Sandeman   Public Library Rt   Hon 17th Earl of Moray
1921   (16 Dec -28 Jan 1922) Sandeman   Public Library [Robert   Hay Robertson?]
1923   (21 Dec- ? 1924) Sandeman   Public Library Patrick   Adam RSA
1925   (27 Feb – 11 Apr) Sandeman   Public Library James   Paterson PRSW, RSA
1926   (15 Feb-6 Mar) Sandeman   Public Library
1927   (15 Apr – 28 May) Sandeman   Public Library Stewart   Carmichael
1928   (23 Nov – 5 Jan 1929) Sandeman   Public Library
1929 No Exhibition
1930 No exhibition
1931   (3 Jan – 14 Feb) Sandeman   Public Library Dr   G F Barbour of Bonskeid
1932 No exhibition
1933 No exhibition
1934 No exhibition
1935   (10 Aug) PMAG   Opened

The Re-constituted Perthshire Art Association (1952-present)

In 1951 at the instigation of William Davidson the newly appointed Director of Perth Art Gallery & Museum an exhibition of works by living artists resident in Perth & Perthshire was proposed for early 1952.

From the outset a stated objective of this venture was to see whether it would be feasible to either re-constitute the previously disbanded Perthshire Art Association or create a new Art Society.

The exhibition was opened by the Perth-born Head of Painting and Drawing at Dundee College of Art, John Milne Purvis. Purvis had also been responsible for selecting the exhibited works from the total of 184, which were submitted by 51 artists. From this total, just over 20 works were rejected. No catalogue is known for this exhibition.

Immediately following the private view (and subsequently minuted at a meeting held in Perth Museum & Art Gallery on 8 February 1952) it was agreed to re-constitute the former Perthshire Art Association and it held its first Annual Exhibition in Perth Museum and Art Gallery in the Autumn of that same year.

Miss Elspeth S Galloway DA of the Art Department at Perth Academy was closely involved in the plans to re-establish the Association, as were a number of her former pupils including Alastair Duff Cairncross. Elspeth Galloway had studied at Edinburgh College of Art and was a member of the original Perthshire Art Association by 1920. She was elected the 4th President of the re-constituted Association in 1962.

Her Presidency marked the election of the first female to that post, and when she demitted office in 1977 she left a record 15-year tenure that has not been matched in the history of the Association since its inception in 1912.

Miss Galloway was awarded the D K Thomson Award in 1974 for her services to the promotion of art locally. Her outstanding contribution to the Association was recognized by the bestowing of the life-time title of Honorary President on her in 1977; soon after the Association’s Silver Anniversary Exhibition of November 1976, which had featured a special tribute display of a selection of her paintings.

Miss Galloway died in September 1980 shortly before the Annual Exhibition, which commemorated her links with the Association by mounting a memorial display of some of her works.

The Association has enjoyed the use of the Art Gallery for its Annual Exhibitions every year since, with only 2 exceptions (in 2000 and 2012) when the Gallery’s exhibition programme precluded the exhibition from taking place.

A notable feature of the Annual Exhibitions from very early days has been the invited artists and the Association has also attracted many distinguished guest openers to perform the official openings, as the following list bears ample testimony.

Exhibition of Perth and Perthshire Artists

1952   (19 Jan – 9 Feb) PMAG Bailie   Fred R Blacklaws J   Milne Purvis DA

The Perthshire Art Association Annual Exhibitions

Year Venue Guest Opener Invited Artist(s)
1952   (11 Oct – 1 Nov) PMAG [?]Lord   Provost Sir John Ure Primrose no invited artist
1953   (10 – 31 Oct) PMAG not traced no invited artist
1954   (9 – 30 Oct) PMAG not traced no invited artist
1955   (8 – 29 Oct) PMAG not traced Anne   Redpath RSA, Hilary Strain
1956   (6 – 27 Oct) PMAG not traced no invited artist
1957   (19 Oct – 9 Nov) PMAG Lord   Provost John Buchan Charles   d’ O Pilkington Jackson, Hugh Adam Crawford RSA and Robert Lyon
1958   (10 – ?31Oct) PMAG Sir   George T McGlashan (Convenor  Perth & Kinross County Council &   former Chairman Scottish Committee of the Arts Council of GB) Alberto   Morrocco ARSA, Scott Sutherland ARSA, Miss Barret, Arthur Ingham
1959   (24 Oct – ?14 Nov) PMAG Lord   Mansfield James   McIntosh Patrick RSA RSW, Benno Schotz RSA, Hugh Adam Crawford RSA, Misses   Winifred and Alison Mackenzie
1960   (22 Oct – ?13 Nov) PMAG Sir   John Ure Primrose W   G Gillies CBE RSA, Eric Shilsky, Alison Geisler, Peter Simpson
1961   (21 Oct -12 Nov) PMAG Miss   Marjorie Dence (Business Manager, Perth   Theatre) Ian   Fleming RSA RSW, Robert Henderson Blyth RSA RSW, Miss Marion S Gracie, Thomas   Whalen
1962   (24 Oct – 18 Nov) PMAG Rt   Hon The 2nd Earl Haig (George Alexander Eugene Douglas Haig) Sir   William MacTaggart PRSA, Andrew Dods ARSA
1963   (24 Oct – 17 Nov) PMAG Hugh   Adam Crawford RSA (Principal Dundee   College of Art) Denis   Peploe ARSA, David McClure ARSA
1964   (15 Oct – 8 Nov) PMAG John   McKenzie Calder (Publisher and founder   of Lendlanet Nights Art Festival) Elizabeth   Blackadder ARSA RSW, James Cumming ARSA RSW, Oscar R Goodall
1965   (14 Oct – 7 Nov) PMAG Lord   Provost Dr Robert Ritchie Mardi   Barrie, Ian Fleming RSA RSW, James Morrison ARSA
1966   (13 Oct – ?6 Nov) PMAG Lord   Elphinstone of Drumkilbo near Meigle Babs   Redpath, Philip Reeves RSW, James Reville RSW
1967   (22 Nov – 13 Dec) PMAG Lord   Provost D K Thomson Scott   Sutherland ARSA
1968   (24 Oct – 14 Nov) PMAG Alberto   Morrocco RSA The   2nd Earl Haig OBE, Archie Brennan
1969   (2 – 22 Oct) PMAG James   Cumming ARSA RSW (Edinburgh College of   Art) Barbara   Balmer RSW, Joseph Maxwell RSW
1970   (1- 22 Oct) PMAG The   Master of Kinnaird Nancy   Jane Burton RSW & Jack Firth RSW
1971   (20 Oct -16 Nov) PMAG Sir   M George Nairn of Pitcarmick, Bridge of Cally (stood in at short notice for the ill Sir Stanley Norie Miller) Scott   Sutherland RSA, Donald Shannon DA, George Garson
1972   (1 – 22 Nov) PMAG Sir   James Duncan of Jordanstone Norman   Hepple RA & John Lancaster
1973   (2 – 22 Nov) PMAG Hon   Elizabeth Lyle of Riemore Lodge, Butterstone, Dunkeld Works   by Peter Brueghel, Sir David Young Cameron RA RSA RWS RSW RE, Harry Fidler, Leon   l’Hermitte, Samuel John Peploe (all   lent by Perth Town Council)
1974   (6 – 27 Nov) PMAG Major   Sir David Butter (Lord Lieutenant of   Perthshire) no invited artist
1975   (5 – 26 Nov) PMAG I   A Duncan Miller (Chairman Tayside   Regional Council) no invited artist
1976   (3 – 27 Nov) PMAG David   Kinnear Thomson Elspeth   Sybil Galloway DA(tribute in recognition   of long service to the Association)
1977   (27 Oct – 20 Nov) PMAG Dr   Kenneth Ireland OBE (Director and   Secretary Pitlochry Festival Theatre) no invited artist
1978   (1 – 28 Nov) PMAG Dr   James McIntosh Patrick RSA RSW no invited artist
1979   (31 Oct – 25 Nov) PMAG James   Morrison RSA no invited artist
1980   (29 Oct – 23 Nov) PMAG George   B Johnston (Adviser in Art &   Design, Tayside Regional Council) Elspeth   Sybil Galloway DA(memorial tribute)
1981   (28 Oct – 20 Nov) PMAG Emilio   Coia Allan   Watt Robson DA (memorial tribute)
1982   (6 Nov – 6 Dec) PMAG David   McClure RSA no invited artist
1983   (5 Nov – 3 Dec) PMAG Sir   Robin Philipson PRSA Elizabeth   Blackadder RSA, Alberto Morrocco RSA, Sir Robin Philipson PRSA, Hannah Frew   Paterson
1984   (3 Nov – 1Dec) PMAG Joe   Maxwell RSW Joe   Maxwell RSW, James Morrison ARSA, David McClure RSA & (memorial tribute) Nancy Graham
1985   (2 -30 Nov) PMAG Joan   Knight (Artistic Director Perth Theatre) Frances   Pelly ARSA, George Devlin ARSA & Tom Hovell Shanks RSW
1986   (1 – 26 Nov) PMAG David   Kinnear Thomson Robert   Leishman RSW (lent by a private   collector)
1987   (31 Oct – 28 Nov) PMAG Rt   Hon Earl of Perth David   M Martin RSW, Willie Rodger
1988   (29 Oct – 26 Nov) PMAG Dr   James McIntosh Patrick RSA Alastair   Duff Cairncross (memorial tribute)
1989   (28 Oct – 25 Nov) PMAG Professor   Will McLean RSA Fred   Stiven RSA
1990   (27 Oct – 24 Nov) PMAG Dr   James Morrison RSA Joe   Maxwell RSW
1991   (2 – 30 Nov) PMAG Dr   Richard Demarco John   Houston OBE RSA RSW RGI
1992   (30 Oct – 28 Nov) PMAG Robert   Miller-Smith (Principal of Duncan of   Jordanstone College of Art) Display   of works by past presidents of the Association (lent by PMAG and private collections)
1993   (29 Oct – 27 Nov) PMAG Major   Sir David Butter (newly appointed   Patron of the Association) Alberto   Morrocco RSA
1994   (29 Oct – 27 Nov) PMAG Peter   Collins RSA Ann   Patrick RSW
1995   (4 Nov – 2 Dec) PMAG Jim   Blair OBE (former Director Perth Museum   and Art Gallery, Head of Leisure   and Cultural Services Perth & Kinross Council) Oscar   R Goodall RSW
1996   (2 – 30 Nov) PMAG Oscar   R Goodall RSW Peter   Russell
1997   (1 -29 Nov) PMAG Giles   Sutherland (Art Critic of The Scotsman) Lys   Hansen
1998   (31 Oct – 28 Nov) PMAG Provost   John Culliven Lucy   Poett & (memorial tribute) Jean   Cuthbert Harkess
1999   (30 Oct – 27 Nov) PMAG Roseanna   Cunningham MP MSP Dan   Stephen
2000   (31 Oct – 25 Nov) Perth   Theatre George   Donald (of Scotland The What,   entertainer) no invited artist
2001   (3 Nov – 1 Dec) PMAG Major   Sir David Butter James   Morrison RSA RSW
2002   (2 -30 Nov) PMAG Iain   M Halliday (Chairman of the Board of   Perth Theatre) Marj   Bond RSW
2003   (1 -29 Nov) PMAG Provost   Bob Scott Torquil   J Macleod DA FRSA (memorial tribute)
2004   (13 Nov -11 Dec) PMAG John   Scrimger Claire   Harkess
2005   (12 November – 10 Dec) PMAG Mrs   Mary Cairncross Barbara   Robertson
2006   (11 Nov – 9 Dec) PMAG Provost   Bob Scott Joe   McIntyre RSW
2007   (10 Nov – 8 Dec) PMAG Provost   John Hulbert Cameron   Coutts
2008   (22 Nov – 13 Dec) PMAG Harry   Cooper (President Rotary Club of Perth   Kinnoull) Linda   Farquharson
2009   (7 Nov – 12 Dec) PMAG Roseanna   Cunningham MSP Kirsty   Lorenz
2010   (6 – 27 Nov) PMAG Martyn   James (Actor) Ken   Bushe
2011   (5 Nov – 3 Dec) PMAG Ruth   Lumsden (at short notice for the ill   Ron Harkess OBE) Display   of works by PAA tutors
2012 No exhibition held
2013   (16 Nov – 14 Dec) PMAG Arthur   Watson PRSA Derek   Robertson RSW
2014   (21 Nov – 17 Dec) PMAG Liz Grant, Provost of Perth & Kinross  no invited artist due to restriction on display space
2015 (20 Nov – 19 Dec)




2016 (4 Nov – 3 Dec) & 2016 (8 Dec – 7 Jan 2017)








Bernadette Malone (Chief Executive, Perth & Kinross Council)


Charles, 16th Earl of Kinnoull, (Chair, Culture Perth & Kinross)


Jack Morrocco





Laura Porteous (inaugural winner of The Perthshire Art Association Award)


Additional Special Exhibitions

On two occasions in its history the Association has mounted special exhibitions in memory of its Presidents who have died in office.

1959   (10 Jul – 1 Aug) PMAG Lt   Col Charles George Borrowman Memorial Exhibition (73 works)
1963   (12 -30 Jun) PMAG Peter   Thomson Bissett Memorial Exhibition (81 works)

The Association has also exhibited at various venues over the years as part of the Perth Festival of the Arts. These venues have included The Sandeman Public Library, The AK Bell Library, The Fair Maid’s House and St Matthews’ Church Hall.

Catalogues were produced for the two Memorial Exhibitions, but not for the Festival Exhibitions.

Honorary Members

The Association from time to time invites any person who is distinguished in the field of art or who has rendered special service to the Association to become an Honorary Life Member.

Since the Association was re-constituted in 1952 Honorary Membership has been conferred on the following;

1960 Mrs Gloria Esme McLeod Borrowman (d.1993)

[1974] Lt Col William Rixon Bucknall (d.1981)

[1974] William Davidson (d.1985)

1976 James Andrew Blair (d.2007)

1977 Miss Elspeth Sybil Galloway (d.1980)

1983 Walter Rankin McNiven (d.2001)

2004 Mrs Ruth Lumsden

2005 Doug Cocker RSA

2005 Alastair Ross RSA

2005 Oscar R Goodall RSW

2005 Clare Harkess RSW

2007 Paul Reid

2008 Ian Cuthbert Imrie

2014 Allan Perera-Liyanage


The following have served by invitation as Patrons of the Association;

1952 – 61 : Sir John Ure Primrose (Lord Provost of Perth)

1957 – 67 : Sir George T McGlashan (Convenor of Perth & Kinross County Council & former Chairman Scottish Committee of the Arts Council of GB)

1968 – 92 : David Kinnear Thomson (Lord Provost of Perth 1966-72)

1974 – 92 : Alastair U Cross (last Lord Provost of Perth 1972-75)

1993 – 2010 : Major Sir David Butter (Lord Lieutenant of Perthshire)

2013 –      : Arthur Watson (President of the Royal Scottish Academy)


(original Association)

1912-25 The Rt Hon The 17th Earl of Moray (Morton Gray Stuart) (Honorary President)

1925-27 The Rt Hon Lord Forteviot (Sir John Alexander Dewar) (Honorary President)

(re-constituted Association)

1951-56 Lieut Col C G Borrowman RSW

1956-59 Ian A Moodie FRIAS

1959-62 Peter Thomson Bissett DA

1962-77 Elspeth Sybil Galloway DA (Honorary President 1977-80)

1977-83 Walter Rankin McNiven FRVA

1983-86 Marj Bond DA

1986-89 Walter Rankin McNiven FRVA

1989-92 Yvonne MacDougall DA

1992-97 Angela Thomson DA

1997-98 Ruth Lumsden

1998-99 Julie Valentine DA

1999-2000 Torquil J MacLeod DA

2000-02 Stella Cormie

2002-05 Sandra Henderson

2005-06 Celia Matthews

2006-08 Alastair MacLean

2008-10 Gillian Booth DA

2010-13 Allan Perera-Liyanage AGAvA

2013-15 Edward Link BA(Hons) MA

2015- Robin H Rodger MA(Hons) DipAGMS
 The Perthshire Art Association Award
Introduced in 2016, this award takes the form of a cash prize to assist the winner in a display of their work as guest artist at the PAA’s Annual Exhibition. The Award is made through the Royal Scottish Academy New Contemporaries exhibition which celebrates the best of the graduates from the Scottish Art Colleges who graduated the previous summer. Those who have a Perth and Kinross connection by birth, education or residency are eligible.
The Award has been enhanced (in 2016 and 2017) by a generous pledge from the Jimmie Cairncross Trust, Perth.
2016 Laura Porteous (ex Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordons University, Aberdeen)

Jean Drennan Harkess Award

This award honours the memory of Jean Cuthbert Harkess (nee Drennan) who moved to Perth with her family in 1987 and threw herself with great vigour, energy and enthusiasm into many local organizations.

A particular advocate of music and the visual arts, she was a committed member of the Association and served as its Secretary from 1990 until her untimely death in 1998.

The award takes the form of a gift voucher for Dunn’s Art Stores, Perth and is presented to the exhibitor whose work is voted the most popular by visitors to the Annual Exhibition.


1998 Claire Harkess

1999 Claire Harkess

2000 Julie Valentine (for Jake the Collie)

2001 Jimmy Dunn (for Gillian in the Studio)

2002 Allan Henderson

2003 Allan Perera Liyanage (for After the Harvest)

2004 Allan Henderson (for Mornac)

2005 Albert Sinclair (for Eddie’s Pitch (The Big Issue))

2006 Ronald Horner

2007 Chris Waites

2008 Ronald Horner

2009 Ronald Horner (for Winter Twilight – Towards Perth)

2010 Nancy Brooks (for Charlotte’s Dancing Debut) & Yvonne Spearing (for Two Sparrows in the Afternoon)

2011 Oscar R Goodall (for Shepherd’s Warning)

2012 no award made – no Annual Exhibition

2013 Gillian Booth (for African elephant)

2014 Gail Anderson (for Waiting)

2015 Aaron Jackson (for McKellan)

2016 the winner will be announced after the close of the 64th Annual Exhibition in January 2017


Junior Award

The Association has always been keen to attract younger artists to join and so sustain the Association and its activities.

Between 1966 and 2004 a Junior Award was made to the outstanding work by a young artist member at the Annual Exhibition. Only the lack of eligible entries saw the Award being withheld on 4 occasions.

The list of winners includes many who have gone on to enjoy successful careers as professional artists.

Since 2007 a Young Artist’s Award has been given through the generosity of the Rotary Club of Perth Kinnoull, in conjunction with The Perthshire Art Association.

The Young Artist’s Award is made for the best work (and a runner-up) in each of the categories of S1-3 and S4-6. A further prize is awarded to the school making the best overall submission of artworks. All local secondary schools (state and independent) in Perth & Kinross are invited to submit entries, which are then judged by a panel made up of members of the Association. The prize-winning works are included in the Annual Exhibition at the official opening of which exhibition the awards are presented.


1966 Doug Cocker

1967 Doug Cocker

1968 Frances Pelly

1969 David Annand

1970 J Rodger Insh

1971 K M Burnett

1972 Raymond Honeyman

1973 Grania Lithgow

1974 Mhairi McLean

1975 Raymond Honeyman

1976 Carol Jane Dunbar & Iain Illingworth (joint winners)


1978 Jillian A Watson

1979 no award

1980 Donald D Urquhart

1981 Penelope Anstice

1982 Neil L Ross

1983 K Campbell Sandilands

1984 John Pavlakis

1985 no award

1986 no award

1987 Claire Harkess

1988 Andrew McIntosh

1989 Andrew McIntosh & Louise Band

1990 Louise Band

1991 Claire E M Brooks

1992 Claire E M Brooks

1993 Claire E M Brooks

1994 Shelly Tulloch

1995 Leigh Mailer

1996 Kirsty Glimm

1997 Robbie Gemmill

1998 Christopher McNiven

1999 Alison Wardrop

2000 Neil Scott

2002 Claire Anderson

2003 Alastair Hickman

2004 no award

(the Junior Award was discontinued in 2005)

Young Artist Awards (in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Perth Kinnoull)

Winner S1-3 Runner-up S1-3 Winner S4-6 Runner-up S4-6 Overall school
2007 Hannah Stewart Laura Eglinton Heather Wong Bobby Cochran Perth Grammar
2008 Calum Paterson Adam Shearer Angus Bolland Bryony McCarter Perth Grammar
2009 Jack Rimmer Murdo Elwis Hannah Cox Charlotte Bryant Strathallan
2010 Robyn Sommerville Jamie-Lee Lynch Anna Olafsson Lauren Smollett & Freddy Lynborg (joint)
2011 Natalie Shek Gabrielle Von Waldburg Rebecca Blakey Andrina Dew
2012 Charlie Amatt  Dagmara Bieniek Beatrice Brinkhorst Ruth Moodie Perth Grammar
2013 Lisa Ireland Adam Walker George Fergusson Alyssa Dougall Perth Grammar
2014 Nexus Chung Heather Robertson Caitlin Beveridge Emelia Barclay Strathallan School




Abbie MacLaughlan


Katherine Morse

(Perth Grammar School)


Thomas Drew


Catriona Roberts

(Perth Grammar School)

Jack Somerville


Leah Hamill (Strathallan School)


Jenna Goodfellow


Jenny Caplan (Kilgraston School)

Strathallan School


St John’s Academy